RAY™=RAE=Renewable Alternative Energy

6/15 Green Community Garden Project

Begun in 2001, currently ongoing

6/15 Solar Ray Project slide show.

Known as Godzilla's Place, the 3 falls, solar arbor, and 2 ponds in the 6/15 Green's Memorial Garden were begun in Fall of 2001 completed by late Fall 2004.
Godzilla is the name of the first gold fish (beginning at 1.5" long) living in the lower pond in Summer of 2002. She lived through enormous trials and tribulations during construction. She met her end in June of 2007, (at 11" long) most probably in the mouth of a raccoon. Raccoons have been known to make their way into Prospect Park, through the backyards and community gardens of Brooklyn. Godzilla was found one June morning on the slate floor of the arbor, partially eaten, probably the interrrupted dinner of a wayward raccoon. A fitting death for a city gone country feeder fish.

Due to inability to control the voltage directly from the solar electric panels to the pumps, it is necessary to install a battery between them. The summer of 2009 may see the installation of a charge controller/battery/timer, switches, charging outlets and shut offs. Included will be the challenge to design and build an unobstrusive visually beautiful battery equipment structure. If two more solar modules can be added, and a WIFI grant obtained, there could be DC charging for small devices and community internet.

There is an opportunity to volunteer on this project.

Please visit 6/15 Green Community Garden's website for more info.

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