City Solar Renewable Energy         tel:347-254-0019
531A 6th Avenue Top Fl        Park Slope, New York 11215

City Solar is a doing business as name of City Solar/Solar Globe, LLC registered in New York State.
It was founded in 2004 by Tracy Fitz, with the assistance of Joceyln Cohen, Fargo Whitman and Makrand Bhoot.

City Solar is a social enterprise that has 3 bottom lines - people, places (ie the earth) and staying in business- working for the good of all.

City Solar seeks to create peace, educate, empower and inspire the public to action. Our goal is also to be a self sustaining socially and ecologically beneficial organization and business, and help others to take similarly creative action in the field of renewable alternative energy, conservation, efficiency and protecting the environment and health.

City Solar intends to achieve these goals by creating ecologically integrated, environmentally sustainable, renewable alternative energy installations in public and private spaces.
Through this process City Solar seeks to encourage individual and group participation in these activities, fostering the development of a renewable energy workforce, and the movement towards efficiency, clean energy, clean air, clean water, healthy earth and its inhabitants.
Though City Solar is not a 501(c)(3) or not-for-profit corporation, we will greatfully accept any donations in the form funds(none tax deductible) or equipment or services. We will put them to good use to help with workshop scholarships and project installations. If you wish to volunteer please contact
Call 347-254-0019 or write to for more information.

Please see our Mission Statement
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