City Solar Renewable Energy


Tracy Fitz founded City Solar in 2004. She is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional as designated by the United States Green Building Council. She has skills in design, engineering, building and management. She is certified by SUNY Farmingdale Solar Energy Center in Residential Photovoltaic System Installation and Maintenance.

Ms. Fitz integrates sustainable energy installations within nature and community. She has created solar/pond/waterfall installations in NYC community gardens, gives sustainable energy workshops and has written Solar Energy Demystified, A Handbook for Small Scale Solar Electric Energy Applications in Gardens, Edited by Diana Signe Kline.

Ms. Fitz grew up in Colorado where she witnessed stripmining and its impact on the environment, fueling her commitment to sustainable energy and community. She was a board member of the Women's Interart Center in NYC and the treasurer of 6BC Botanical Garden in NYC for nine years.
Ms. Fitz is the secretary of 615 Green Community Garden in Brooklyn, and a board member of P-A-T-H, in NYC, and a member of the 6BC Botanical Garden in NYC. She has a practice in Traditional Oriental Medicine including but not limited to acupuncture and herbs, a Bachelor's degree in Music and Film, and plays baroque and popular music in Brooklyn, NY.


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