City Solar Renewable Energy


Nature and Community
by Tracy Fitz of City Solar
at NESEA's
(North East Sustainable Energy Association)
Building Energy 2005 Conference, Boston Mass.

This powerpoint presentation highlights the importance of integrating community
as in community gardens and nature, to inspire human appreciation of and caretaking
of nature, ecology and the environment.
The presentation shows the development of the 6BC Botanical Garden over
a twenty-five year period, from a garbage dump drug users and dealers haven to
one of the most beautiful gardens in New York City.

It also shows the creation of the ponds and solar arbor
at the 615 Green Community Garden in Brooklyn, NY.

The presentation also tells the story of the integration of renewable alternative energy
in the form of solar electricity in both gardens.

This 'NATURE AND COMMUNITY' powerpoint presentation is available with a lecture.
Please contact Tracy Fitz at, or call 347-254-0019.

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