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E-mail now to discuss an assessment of you residential or commercial energy needs.
Loans, rebates, tax-writeoffs available.

Solar Electric Workshops
Basics of Solar Electricity, $10.00 (bring your electric bill)

(Dates subject to change, email for confirmation)
July 24, 2004 Saturday 12-3pm 615 Green Community Garden, 6th Avenue and 15 St, Park Slope Brooklyn, NY
(free to 615 Green garden members)
July 25, 2004 Sunday 12-3pm 6BC Botanical Garden, East 6th St, midblock, between Avenues B/C Manhattan NY
(free to 6BC garden members)

Participate in these workshops and begin training as part o NYC's alternative energy workforce. Become part of City Solar/Solar Globe's Internship Program.

A Solar electric system is easy to make

easy to maintain

and economical and in the long run

and makes environmental sense


All you need is a sunny place to place your panels,

an inverter to make AC from DC if you want to run AC (alternating current) things

and "battery storage" if you want power when the sun is not out!


If you are connected to the grid, you will also need special multifunction inverter and multifunction metering, but no batteries are necessary, unless you want to have power during a black out. And!!!! you can sell your excess electrical energy back to your power company if you don't use what you make, during the time you are making it!!!)

So make it!!!!

Come and see at the 6BC Botanical Garden in Manhattan.

6BC is off the grid, uses Solar Electric DC power to make light,

run a pump for a waterfall, and charge small DC appliances.

6BC is located at 624-628 East 6th Street Between Avenue B and C in Manhattan.

Contact us by email at

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